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Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions and Epta S.pA. have formed a joint venture for commercial refrigeration in Central and Northern Europe.

Epta - VRS joint venture

Customer solutions

Viessmann Reference - Edeka Schwebel, Germany

Food retail

Viessmann reference - 7-eleven Copenhagen

Convenience store  

Flower shop

Other segments


Product solutions

Tecto IS7 in store

Refrigerated cabinets, remote

Tecto SV8 PI -  plug-in multideck

Refrigerated cabinets, plug-in

Viessmann - food services

Cold and freezer rooms


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In focus

VRS - Epta joint venture

Press releases

Epta announces the closing of the joint venture with Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions

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Viessmann & Pixevia - Automated Store

Latest solutions

Autonomous store - Towards a future with digital and automated food retail operations

Viessmann headquarter Allendorf - flags

Press releases

Viessmann Group takes next step as an independent family business with new setup

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Viessmann reference - Foodora, Finland

Foodora market, Finland

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Viessmann - ESyCool green image

Penny Kolín, Czech Republic 

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Viessmann reference - Rewe Dornseifer, Germany

Rewe Dornseifer, Germany

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Viessmann Reference - Coop Svalbard, Norway

Coop supermarket Svalbard, Norway  

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