Grocery retail that's smarter and digital at EuroShop 2023

Viessmann - automated technology

Express Store - automated store operations

Automated stores powered by AI, cameras and sensor-technology help food retailers to operate the stores more efficiently, save footprint for valuable grocery sales and learn to optimize their in-store operations and assortment with the support of real-life data. Digitalization will play an important part of the future of food retail and at EuroShop 2023 Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions together with Pixevia present an example of a convenience store with integrated ‘walk-in, walk-out’ technology in combination with Viessmann’s refrigeration solutions.

The automated Express Store presents:

  • Autonomous technology for the best customer experience
  • Innovating the check-in and checkout process to be more frictionless
  • Employing smart technologies for learning + daily use of analytics and data
  • Technology integrated to Viessmann’s refrigerated cabinets
  • AI powered convenience store

Nano Fulfillment Center - integrated automated warehouse within food retail stores

Automatization plays an important part of the future of food retail and Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions presents a Nano Fulfillment Center (NFC) co-developed with Noyes Technologies, the first supplier of an automated and highly flexible nano-storage system. NFC provides fully automated, compact and modular warehouse solutions which can be easily integrated to the food retailer’s existing stores, logistics hubs or external locations.

The Nano Fulfillment ​Center provides:

  • Compact and modular storage solutions which can be integrated inside existing food retail stores or external locations - within small footprint
  • Storing of different products with varying temperature requirements in a confined space flexibly improving operational logistics effectiveness
  • Fast and efficient order picking process thanks to the robotics and AI based data use
  • Highly flexible and scalable warehouse to meet the growing demand for online food retail deliveries with reasonable investment

This is Viessmann Refrigeration. Because we care for life.

Hope to see you in Düsseldorf this February!

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